There is a lot of money to be made from stocks and shares but the only hitch is nobody knows a sure fire way of a method. Let us now see some of the basics of stocks and shares. You can earn money in two ways by investing in stocks and shares. One is trading and the other is investing.

Buying and selling stocks, shares, futures and options over a short period of time is known as trading. If you buy shares, stocks, futures and options and retain them for a longer period of time then it is known as investing.

Besides the above, there is no get rich quick scheme which works. If such schemes work then almost everybody would be a millionaire. Money can be made by selling stocks and shares but it cannot be done quickly by buying and selling without reason. The patient, careful and intelligent investors definitely make big profits in the stock market when compared to the overeager and reckless speculator.


Shows depicting real estate investing strategies are extremely popular and make turning a profit look simple and guaranteed. What they do not show you, though, is that the world of real estate investing is fraught with danger and that losing money is very much a reality. Yes, there are investors who make a great deal of money because of their investments, but profit does not come easily to even the most experienced investors. They work hard and make sacrifices daily to make their dreams a reality. To find out if you have what it takes to be a serious investor, you should consider several things.

The first thing that you should consider involves time and how much of it you can devote to your real estate investing project. Many investors are still able to hold down full time jobs while dabbling in investments, but they still have to devote a good bit of time to make their investment successful. If you do not have the time to invest, maybe an investment that requires little or no involvement from you would suit you better.

Real estate deals are also very stressful. From the moment you start looking for a property until the moment that you sell it, you will be faced with numerous decisions regarding your property. You will have to deal with contractors, real estate agents, lawyers, and potential buyers. And not everything you do will go as planned. If you cannot handle stressful situations, real estate investing might not be for you.


As in any other type of investment, its obviously advisable to do your research well so that the property you invest in generates you a good residual income.

What is a commercial property? Properties such as hotels, malls, retail stores, business complexes, medical centers and industrial properties are commercial properties. Any property, which is used to earn an income and make a profit, is a commercial property.

When a real estate investor invests in commercial properties, he does so with the intention of selling it to other businessmen or even renting them out. Commercial real estate is really booming because of the demand. Every other day we see a new mall being built, or maybe even a brand new industrial coming up in the heart of the city. Nowadays it seems even hotels come up overnight! One wonders where all the space is coming from! But the point is, if such properties are being developed, the demand is obviously there! Its because of this demand that investors are showing a keen interest in investing in these properties.


To limit the scope of this article, we will focus completely on the investing basics as they relate to you personally making investment decisions not giving money to a financial institution, which will make the investing decisions for you.

The first part of investing basics is knowing how to invest and where to invest. This can be answered quite simply: there are two ways in which to invest through an offline brokerage or through an online brokerage. Today, however, this is somewhat of a false dichotomy, as most offline brokerages also have websites. To invest, simply open up an account with either an online brokerage, such as ScottTrade or ShareBuilder, or open up an account with an offline brokerage or a financial institution; put money into the account; and then purchase shares based on an overall strategy. While you might be able to get better, more professional tips from an offline brokerage or financial institution, you will have better access to fundamental and technical information such as financial reports and graphs, respectively if you use ScottTrade or ShareBuilder.

The second part of investing basics involves knowing what it will cost. This, of course, will also depend on the brokerage you select. If you select an online brokerage, the cost of trading will probably be lower, since competition is stiffer and prices are easier to compare. Most online brokerages no longer charge commissions, but instead charge flat rate fees. This is important to take into consideration, especially if you plan on daytrading and earning small profits on multiple trades.


The number-one determinant of your success in real estate investing is your desire: your motivation as reflected in your goals and your plan.

Many people think success in real estate investing hinges on your understanding of contracts, laws, and financial concepts. I don’t believe that. The most successful people I’ve met have a lot of desire.

As a matter of fact, many of the super successful investors actually don’t know everything about real estate investing.

Many aren’t familiar with a lot of the concepts related to real estate such as wholesaling, lease optioning, limited liability companies, advanced analysis, or different types of contracts. They simply have a lot of desire; they go out and make things happen; they don’t worry about it – they just keep working their action plan.